Our vision is to provide a real, relevant & rich education that is accessible to all.

Come learn or teach at Real School!

In a time where sticking together and helping each other couldn't be more paramount, we have created Real School.

Real School is a place where people can learn, be inspired, and be driven to achieve things in their relevant fields by learning from real-world experts who have that real-life experience, instead of having to search through the net or call your friends for that advice.

We are focused on providing a real and relevant education that is accessible and affordable. This is not a place for traditional textbook education that focuses on theory. The focus here is on what you need to know to succeed in the business world, brought to you by those who have 'been there, done that'. There are no pre-loaded lessons here. All lessons are taught online in real-time which allows for interaction with the speaker.

Real School works very simply: anybody can learn, and anybody can apply to teach. We select only the best lessons.


This is Real School.

The Founders

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Nadir Zafar & Shehzad Mirza

About Real School

*Real-time lessons allow for interaction*

*Convenience of learning online anywhere*

*No textbook theory*

*More affordable than business school*

*Practical lessons from the real-world experts*

Why Real School

Nadir and Shehzad have been friends since their childhood days in Singapore in the early 1980s.

It was in May 2020 that Nadir, inspired by the research he was doing in his Doctoral program, decided to work on a concept to bring a real and relevant education to adult learners. Nadir called up Shehzad, a seasoned project manager in the technology industry, who shared the same vision. They both strongly believe that learning from experts with real-life business experience can be more rewarding than going to a traditional school.


The two set out together to build a platform that would facilitate this exchange of practical business wisdom between people, leading to the creation of www.realschool.com. Their goal is to grow this community of adult learners and teachers around the world.