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Transforming a Business by Building a Culture of Storytelling

(GMT+08:00) Singapore

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In this lesson, Anna will share with you insights on how a culture of storytelling can transform a business, whether it is for a large organisation or a start-up. She will talk about the benefits and power behind storytelling for both individuals, teams and organisations. She will discuss how her client's businesses have changed since they have started to create a culture of storytelling from a large organisation to a start-up and how you can start to create one too.

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Anna Ong


WYSH Pte Ltd

Management Consulting



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Anna Ong believes that the shortest distance between two people is a story. She is an ex-banker turned storyteller. She is the founder of WYSH (What's Your Story, Huh?), a communications training company that uses techniques from Theatre, Storytelling and Improvisation.

Anna left a 15-year stint in banking in Southeast Asia to pursue her interest in the performing arts such as Argentine Tango, Improvisation and Storytelling in North and South America.

She is the creator, host and producer of "What's Your Story Slam", a storytelling show based in Singapore -- designed to promote the art and craft of live Storytelling.
She is an accredited and certified coach. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and a certificate on Social Impact Storytelling from Georgetown University.