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What Is Real School?

(GMT+04:00) Dubai

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Come listen to the founders of Real School as they share their motivations behind starting Real School, and learn how you could help in this social venture to provide real and relevant education to adults. This session is only 15 minutes long, but with up to 45 minutes for Q&A. We're a volunteer organization, and welcome all who want to help us in this endeavor!

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Real School

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Real School



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Real School was founded in 2020, a year most notably known for the pandemic.

It was in the midst of this time of great disruption that the idea of Real School was born. With millions getting unemployed and with more advanced technology being deployed to solve these problems, re-skilling and up-skilling became a dominant theme for adults.

It was a time where pulling together and helping each other was most important.

What could we do to help, we thought? That's when it dawned upon us that we could provide a real and relevant education to motivated learners, simply by connecting them with the real-world professionals, entrepreneurs and experts who had real-life lessons to share. In a time when webinars and online lessons are status quo, we opted to do all this online too on our platform www.realschool.com.