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From $1 to $100 million. Only ONE thing matters.

(GMT+08:00) Singapore

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An idea can be created by just one person, but a company can’t. Every company starts with just one person and then grows to 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 or even bigger — what makes them grow, how do they do it, what’s their secret formula for such proliferation and success?

Of course, whilst there can’t be just one answer, there is certainly one thing in common. Good People.

This lesson focuses on what people can bring to the company, how people “make” the company and why are people the Key.

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Imran Manasawala


Future Architectural Glass LLC



United Arab Emirates

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I was born into the “Real World” in 2010 — my year of graduation — equipped with freshly acquired knowledge from my alma mater, Singapore Management University (SMU) and an enthusiasm that every child and student has felt about “the working life”.

Moving to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) just after receiving my degree in Finance and Accounting, little did I know that the “World” which I stepped into was going to demand what I had learnt so quickly and so rigorously.

I started off with a manufacturing company which was still at its inception & “idea” stage and I had to first create it, then fuel it, run it, sustain it, protect it, grow it and eventually make it independent, pretty much like the upbringing of a child.

Whilst this journey did require a lot of “teaching”, it has undoubtedly taught me a whole lot more and today, I would like to give back to our society these priceless lessons which have defined me as a person — both personally and professionally.


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